the Lady of Luminosity

  • Role
  • Difficulty

Luxanna Crownguard hails from Demacia, an insular realm where magical abilities are viewed with fear and suspicion. Able to bend light to her will, she grew up dreading discovery and exile, and was forced to keep her power secret, in order to preserve...




  1. Passive

    Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing bonus magic damage (depending on Lux's level) to the target.

  2. Q
    Light Binding

    Lux releases a sphere of light that binds and deals damage to up to two enemy units.

  3. W
    Prismatic Barrier

    Lux throws her wand and bends the light around any friendly target it touches, protecting them from enemy damage.

  4. E
    Lucent Singularity

    Fires an anomaly of twisted light to an area, which slows nearby enemies. Lux can detonate it to damage enemies in the area of effect.

  5. R
    Final Spark

    After gathering energy, Lux fires a beam of light that deals damage to all targets in the area. In addition, triggers Lux's passive ability and refreshes the Illumination debuff duration.

Available Skins

Available Skins

Available Skins

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